Student Safety

  •  There is a highly trained professional security management team in place at the campus.
  • Guards man the gates round the clock, monitoring the entry and exit of students, staff and visitors.
  • We are equipped with Bollard and Boom Barrier installed at Entry and Exit to restrict unauthorized Vehicle’s entry in the school Premise.
  • Full height turnstile is installed at entry gate for walkers.
  • All parents are provided RFID enabled ID cards to access via turnstile which ensures entry of restricted person in the school premises.
  • Around 250+ strategically located CCTV’s enable the school to keep a keen eye on students’ safety; cameras are monitored regularly by the administration personals during school hours.
  • Teachers are allocated duties, by turns, around the different areas in school to ensure student’s safety.
  • Every staff of the school is police verified.
  • The school premises are also fumigated fortnightly.

Social Emotional Safety

  • Children's social and emotional development during the early childhood years lays the foundation for their development through middle childhood, adolescence, and beyond.
  • It has significant implication for the child’s educational and employment success. Given the currently evolving social structure, a lot of emotional tasks of childhood – from developing trust in others to a sense of competence and self-esteem, occurprimarily in school. School is often the most consistent source of structure in the lives of many children, and a crucial source of building resilience in a child. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that it is a safe zone for students.
  • Each teacher ensures that students are made aware, in an age appropriate manner, about ‘Good touch, bad touch’, ‘personal space’ and other such issues through discussions, circle time interactions and stories.
  • The staff provide guidance and support to the students, which helps to value the uniqueness of every child to contribute in building self-esteem for him or her.


  •  Biometric attendance enables a safe way of student’s entry & exit.
  • Students are required to wear the ‘Identity Card’ issued by the school to ensure ready identification in case of need as well as quick provision of information about the child’s parents/ guardians, if needed.
  • Teachers are also required to wear Identity Cards issued by the school.
  • Students are dispersed from the buses/classrooms only after verifying that the Person receiving the child is carrying the Valid RFID Card issued for this purpose from the school.