The hands the head and the heart : A child’s first learning experience is in the form of actions. Active learning engages the whole being, not the intellectual mind in isolation. Hands-on-Learning connects the mind, body and soul in a seamless motion. While doing is learning, success or failure in doing involves children emotionally. They identify shortcomings on their own, overcome them and experience pure joy that follows every self discovery. Such a cohesive process has a life changing effect on how understanding and remembering and uniting evolves. 

Kahan, Kyoon, Kaise (The Q Quotient)

Critical thinking is the real field where seeds of life changing, societal redefining and environmental building are sown as simple and spontaneous questions. Critical thinking is driven by questions and not answers. Newton questioned a falling apple. Had leaders of the world not questioned, we would have been still living disconnected and disinterested with the universe. We believe that freedom to question is the driving force in the process of learning and thinking. A mind that thinks is a mind that questions. Curiosity stimulates thought. Curiosity pushes the ordinary. Curiosity leads to perfection. 

Abhiviakti (Expression of oneself)

The essence of Art is the expression of the Soul. There is an artist hidden in each one of us. Some may pour it with a brush and another may express it in musical notes. It allows our mind and body to vent out our emotions. All creative arts engage children’s mind, body and senses. The arts invite children to listen, observe, discuss, move, solve problems, and imagine using multiple modes of thought and self expression. The creative arts provide ways for young children to learn and use skills in other domains.

At our school each soul is encourage to express oneself in various art forms. Every child gets an opportunity to explore his medium of expression through music, art, dance, theatre, visual art or any other medium which brings out the best in him.

Samarpan (For a healthy body mind and soul)

 At our school we understand the importance of nurturing each and every child to be a balance human being to the best of his physical, emotional, social, intellectual and creative ability. Children are brought up in such an environment where they relate to all aspects of their personality with special focus on sports, community and cultural club. Such learning and nurturing of talent builds self esteem, self expression, leadership, team work and make them mature to become confident yet compassionate citizens. It also enriches the society with multifaceted personalities to contribute.